Precinct Committee Persons

What is a PCP?

According to Oregon Revised Statute 248.015:

A precinct committee person shall be a representative of the major political party in the precinct.

In other words, PCPs play a key grassroots role in the operation of the Crook County Democratic Central Committee and the Democratic Party of Oregon.

What Do PCPs Do?

  • Elect their county party leadership
  • Have a voice and vote in filling state legislative vacancies
  • Help with the operations of county parties
  • Propose and vote on county party motions and resolutions
  • Outreach for their county parties at community events
  • Help facilitate local Get-Out-The-Vote efforts
  • Volunteer recruitment and development
  • Represent the Democratic voters in their communities

Filing to run for the office of PCP has closed for 2022, however…

  • You can be appointed to serve until your position is up for reelection in 2024.
  • Each precinct in Oregon is delegated at least one PCP per 250 registered voters. 
  • PCPs become voting members of their county party’s Central Committee.
  • Existing PCPs MUST refile to run again.

Who is eligible to become a PCP?

  • You must be registered to vote in the county where you are filing to run or being appointed as a PCP
  • You must also be a registered Democrat for a minimum of 180 days prior to the filing date in order to become a Democratic PCP
  • You must return your completed filing form to your local county elections office by the filing deadline.

Interested in becoming a Precinct Committee Person?

Email us at [email protected].