Crook County Officers

Chairperson Priscilla Smith


Priscilla Smith

Priscilla is in the midst of her third term as Chair of the Crook County Democratic Central Committee. Her stated goal for this election year is to get every Democratic voter in the county to turn in their ballot.
Vice Chairperson Rachael Gass

vice Chair

Rachael Gass

Rachael is in her first term as Vice Chair. Her enthusiasm and creative ideas is helping drive the Central Committee efforts in this, an election year.
Secretary Susan Caron


Susan Caron

Susan is in her first term as Secretary of the Central Committee. Her record keeping is stellar and serves as a history of actions taken.
Treasurer Ann Blank


Ann Blank

Ann is serving her second term as the Central Committee Treasurer. Her responsibilities include reporting regularly to the Oregon Secretary of State to keep us compliant with state law.